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"My Beloved Carver High and Beloved Mr. & Mrs. Gilliam"
I entered into the G.W.Carver High School, Pinetops, N. C. as a freshman in 1962 after graduating from the 8th grade at G. W. Bulluck Elementary School in Rocky Mount, N. C. The 8th grade graduates had to travel about 15 miles to Pinetops every day, even though there was a white high school about two miles from Bulluck School!! Segregation was at it's height in the early 60's, especially concerning the school system! This southern rural area of N.C. had it's hidden prejudices during the day when life seem to be norma, but at night "only the shadow knows!" We didn't mind that almost 30 min. drive to Pinetops, because we laughed and talk all the way to Carver! Time went by swiftly! After finding out there were other elementary schools in other rural areas that sent their students to Carver too, it made Carver most unique! Carver or our beloved Mr. S. A. Gilliam tooked in all the students he could and didn't turn any black students away. He had teachers even teaching in the buses. That's how unique "Carver" and Mr. Gilliam was! For 4 years I attended this school and was taught by wonderful teachers and one dynamic man of God, the great overseer of the entire school. Today I am greatful and honored to have attended this school which was kept together by a topnotched godly man who believed in keeping a topnotched school! I want ever forget my beloved Carver and Principal Gilliam! The school, teachers, friends, Mrs. Gilliam, and Mr. Gilliam will remain a part of me and who I am for the rest of my life!!